List of
Accepted Papers

In order of submission date:

  • Amitabh Basu, Gerard Cornuejols and Marco Molinaro.
    A probabilistic analysis of the strength of the split and triangle closures
  • Alexander Ageev, Yohann Benchetrit, Andras Sebo and Zoltan Szigeti.
    An Excluded Minor Characterization of Seymour Graphs
  • Stephan Held, Edward C. Sewell and William Cook.
    Safe Lower Bounds For Graph Coloring
  • Mathieu Van Vyve.
    Fixed-charge transportation on a path: linear programming formulations
  • Britta Peis and Andreas Wiese.
    Universal packet routing with arbitrary bandwidths and transit times
  • Santanu S. Dey and Sebastian Pokutta.
    Design and Verify: A New Scheme for Generating Cutting-Planes
  • Jose A. Soto and Claudio Telha.
    Jump Number of Two-Directional Orthogonal Ray Graphs
  • Anna Karlin, Claire Mathieu and Thach Nguyen.
    Integrality Gaps of Linear and Semi-definite Programming Relaxations for Knapsack
  • Daniel Dadush, Santanu S. Dey and Juan Pablo Vielma.
    On the Chvatal-Gomory Closure of a Compact Convex Set
  • Deeparnab Chakrabarty, Chandra Chekuri, Sanjeev Khanna and Nitish Korula.
    Approximability of Capacitated Network Design
  • Deeparnab Chakrabarty and Chaitanya Swamy.
    Facility Location with Client Latencies: Linear-Programming based Techniques for Minimum-Latency Problems
  • Satoru Iwata and Mizuyo Takamatsu.
    Computing the Maximum Degree of Minors in Mixed Polynomial Matrices via Combinatorial Relaxation
  • Pierre Bonami.
    Lift-and-Project Cuts for Mixed Integer Convex Programs
  • Fabrizio Grandoni and Thomas Rothvoss.
    Approximation Algorithms for Single and Multi-Commodity Connected Facility Location
  • Kenjiro Takazawa.
    Discrete convexity and faster algorithms for weighted matching forests
  • Tamas Kiraly and Lap Chi Lau.
    Degree Bounded Forest Covering
  • Monia Giandomenico, Adam Letchford, Fabrizio Rossi and Stefano Smriglio.
    A New Approach to the Stable Set Problem Based on Ellipsoids
  • Aman Dhesi, Pranav Gupta, Amit Kumar, Gyana Parija and Sambuddha Roy.
    Contact Center Scheduling with Strict Resource Requirements
  • Volker Kaibel and Kanstantsin Pashkovich.
    Constructing Extended Formulations from Reflection Relations
  • Sylvia Boyd, Rene Sitters, Suzanne van der Ster and Leen Stougie.
    TSP on Cubic and Subcubic Graphs
  • Yu Hin Au and Levent Tuncel.
    Complexity Analyses of Bienstock-Zuckerberg and Lasserre Relaxations on the Matching and Stable Set Polytopes
  • Mario Ruthmair and Günther Raidl.
    A Layered Graph Model and an Adaptive Layers Framework to Solve Delay-Constrained Minimum Tree Problems
  • Inge Gortz, Marco Molinaro, Viswanath Nagarajan and R Ravi.
    Capacitated Vehicle Routing with Non-Uniform Speeds
  • S. Thomas McCormick and Britta Peis.
    A primal-dual algorithm for weighted abstract cut packing
  • Friedrich Eisenbrand, Naonori Kakimura, Thomas Rothvoss and Laura Sanità.
    Set Covering with Ordered Replacement - Additive and Multiplicative Gaps
  • Oliver Friedmann.
    A subexponential lower bound for Zadeh's pivoting rule for solving linear programs and games
  • Claudia D'Ambrosio, Jeff Linderoth and James Luedtke.
    Valid Inequalities for the Pooling Problem with Binary Variables
  • Bissan Ghaddar, Juan Vera and Miguel Anjos.
    An Iterative Scheme for Valid Polynomial Inequality Generation in Binary Polynomial Programming
  • Martin Bergner, Alberto Caprara, Fabio Furini, Marco Lübbecke, Enrico Malaguti and Emiliano Traversi.
    Partial Convexification of General MIPs by Dantzig-Wolfe Reformulation
  • Trang Nguyen, Mohit Tawarmalani and Jean-Philippe Richard.
    Convexification Techniques for Linear Complementarity Constraints
  • William Cook, Thorsten Koch, Daniel Steffy and Kati Wolter.
    An exact rational mixed-integer programming solver
  • Ojas Parekh.
    Iterative packing for demand matching and sparse packing
  • Matteo Fischetti and Michele Monaci.
    Backdoor branching